A multi-media, multi-character solo performance exploring the symbolic and poetic resonances of the Greek myth of Icarus.

Icarus, Pieter Brueghel, Henry Hudson, The Wall Street Minotaur, Amelia Earhart, and David Rockefeller take us on a journey from 16th-century Antwerp through 20th-century New York City, with video projections, sock puppets, spoken word and original song.

Directed by Miguel Gutierrez, electronic soundscore by Peter Kerlin with live music by C. Ryder Cooley.
Premiered at Abrons Arts Center, New York, NY and toured to The Climate Theater, San Francisco, CA.

Technopia is a cultural theorist from the planet ZöLoft and an expert on the current state of “post-contemporarism.”

From 2005-06, Technopia was the host of the infamous Shtudio Show at Chez Bushwick in Brooklyn, NY, where she conducted interviews with numerous cultural luminaries of the dance and performance world including Deborah Hay, Vallejo Gantner, Cathy Edwards, Gia Kourlas and Carla Peterson.

14 min. dance piece by CROWD: Abby Crain, Anna Azrielli & Samuael Topiary

choreography by Abby Crain & Anna Azrielli

original soundscore by Samuael Topiary

Judson Church, New York, NY

A multi-character, solo performance piece exploring the archetype of The Fool.

dance, 35mm slide projections, video and live music

An improvisational dance performance piece exploring feminism & misogyny.

Hip Circle Improvisations – collaboration with Abby Crain

sound score by The Daughters of Houdini

A talking dance piece
written and performed by Samauel Topiary
choreography by Miguel Gutierrez
soundscore by The Daughters of Houdini