Chapter 18 for Valencia/The Movie(s), Michelle Tea’s collaborative film project, is an experimental documentary interpretation of a chapter about gay pride and heartbreak. The only “documentary” approach in the Valencia/The Movie(s) project, Chapter 18 is an 8 min. short film juxtaposing a contemporary interview with the real-life Iris (Ginger Robinson) with video collage animation and actual archival footage shot during the actual 1995 Dyke March and Gay Pride which Tea memorializes in this chapter of the book.

8 min, HD

Sample footage for the interactive documentary project (work-in-progress) about the infamous all-female San Francisco based spoken word US tours which took place from 1997-99.

3 min. teaser, HD

Ch 12 from the POCKET MYTHS compilation film project of THE ODYSSEY. A contemporary interpretation of the allure of the Sirens using Super 8 film scratching and digital animation set to a hauting song by The Darklings.

4 min, super 8 film & DV, 2006

A collaborative meditation on intimacy and US currency; EE Miller’s stand-alone audio piece for radio, a fanciful proposition for the US President, is the inspiration for Topiary’s animation.

5 minutes, 2005 , digital animation
audio by EE Miller • video by Samuael Topiary

directed & edited – music video for Le Tigre’s single “New Kicks” from their album ‘This Island’ on Universal

3.5 min, DV-NTSC, 2004

A visit from a Jewish-American videomaker to her close friend, a German dancer living on The Reeperbahn — the main drag of Hamburg’s “St. Pauli” red-light district: This experimental documentary raises questions about contemporary identity, control over representation and the weight of recent European history on young adults today. Shot and edited in a poetic, cinema verite style with digital video.

14 min, DV-NTSC, 2002

An experimental documentary about having a crush on your roommate… From the series “Embarrassment is the Key to Enlightenment.”

4.5 min, 2002, DV-NTSC video

An improvisational dance film shot in an abandoned lot in San Francisco on Super 8 film and Hi8 video.

4 min, shot on super 8 film and Hi8 video, DV-NTSC, 2000

A dance-film shot & edited entirely in Super 8 film, retells the Greek myth of Atalanta, the girl who can run as fast as the wind, in a contemporary San Francisco setting.

super 8 film projection with live orchestra and narration, 34 minutes, 1999